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Fic: Dreams of Black and Blue CH 1

Title: Dreams of Black and Blue
Author: Lady_lisa_drew
Rating: pretty g for this chappy... nc 17 later of course...
Pairing: Rogue, Logan... (sort of... )
Universe: Movie
CHALLENGE RESPONSE: Lateo's First Line Challenge. *Write a story
that begins with the line, "Under her red velvet dress, she had
bruises and no panties."*
Summery: Rogue uses Logan's own fantasies about her while alone at
night, resulting in darkly bruised thighs.

Dreams in Black and Blue CHAPTER 1

Under her red velvet dress, she had bruises and no panties.
As the thought hit her she couldn't stop the blush that crept up her
cheeks from her neck. As she looked around Xavier's huge ballroom at
all of the rich important guests who made the school possible, she
idly wondered where the others were. Mere seconds later she spotted
Scott and Jean near the band. It was playing classics slowly.
As she decended the stairs she adjusted the thin shawl that
Jubilee and Kitty had helped her pick out. It went with her dress
while covering her too bare shoulders. Considering the amount of
voices she was hearing in her head lately, she didnt want to risk
hitting anyone accidentally. Glancing around the ballroom again she
finally spotted Logan partially hidden behind a potted plant,
talking to a snooty looking blond.
Rogue winced at the well of emotion that turned up with that
sight. Though Logan looked quite uncomfortable in his dashing suit
he was a bit too interested in what the woman was saying.
"That would be the mayor's wife." Bobby said in her ear,
having come down the stairs behind her. He still had that uncanny
ability to almost read her mind.
"You SURE you're not psychic?" She asked, agrivated at the
"Don't have to be psychic to read that look..." Rogue
stomped away to find a chair to brood in, leaving Bobby to stare
intently after her.

FIN chapter 1...

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